Glue and Cloth: Research and Inspiration

Whilst we were experimenting with the tights, the outcomes we were getting started to remind me of some different things in nature, such as coral, so I took note and researched them in my own time

The floaty frills and waves of these two corals reminds me of the 
stretched out areas of the tights

The delicacy and formation of these two shells reminds me of the 
laddered areas of tights and the sections that have gathered together 
in a sort of pleat

The Lions Mane Jellyfish particularly reminded me of the tights 
because of the different parts of its body. The main body looks like
 the stretched out areas of the tights that become very translucent 
and the long stringy tentacles resemble the legs of the tights that 
we kept thin and long and finally the frilly section coming out of the
 Jellyfishes body looks somewhat like the sections of tights that
 have shrunk and gathered after being removed from the chair

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